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Security-Access System Design

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Talk to a General Alarm representative—without any obligation—to make sure you have the best security-system value for your home or business.

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Look to General Alarm for a complete security-system turnkey solution, starting with a smart, cost-effective design approach.

Based on your application’s physical parameters and overall threat assessment, the experts at General Alarm will specify a comprehensive plan to fit your needs—one that can include anything and everything from authorized access control, to video surveillance, to a host of fire, burglar and environmental detection-and-alarm products.

Further, during the process, you can always count on General Alarm’s:

  • Sophisticated understanding of all hardware and electronics capabilities and their interactions within a system.
  • Thorough knowledge of all fire and building codes.
  • Ability to incorporate realistic and appropriate facility-access installation scheduling within an overall building-construction schedule, if necessary.
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